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FREE ENERGY:Free Energy: The Race to Zero Point cover
The Race to Zero Point
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Produced & Directed by Christopher Toussaint

From Nikola Tesla to New Hydrogen Energy,
Plasma Discharge to T.Townsend Brown,
Magnetic Motors to Anti-Gravity...
the Era of Unlimited Energy has begun!

A comprehensive 110-minute broadcast-quality documentary featuring the most promising devices, processes and theories of the most brilliant visionary scientists and the most persistent independent inventors on the planet!

Get up-to-speed on the history and recent revolutionary breakthroughs from:Tesla

Tom Bearden
Dr. Dennis Cravens
Hal Fox, Fusion Information Center
John Hutchison
Dr. Shiuji Inomata
Moray King
Dennis Lee
Dr.Eugene Mallove, Infinite Energy
Jeane Manning
Joseph Newman
Dr. Brian O’Leary
Paul Pantone, GEET
Dave Porter, Galtech Semiconductor
Troy Reed
Roy Thornson
Paramahamsa Tewari
Tom Valone, Integrity Research Institute

Hosted by:  Bill Jenkins

Music by: Steve Gaines, Richard Burmer, Mark Dwane

DVD Distributed by: Lightworks Audio & Video

"The fate of man depends upon...alternative sources of energy and this tape shows us exactly how." - Dr. Sao Zaw Win, President, Win Research Group

"There is much here about what has been suppressed and what might be possible. It is an eye-opener." - Lance Webster, LW Communications, Earth Communications Office

“Received and have started watching your Free Energy video.  Wow, it is great!  And I mean that on multiple levels, the information, your writing, directing, editing, effects, etc.  A real fine job!”  - Ken Jenkins, videographer (Illuminations, Shirley Maclaine’s Inner Workout)

"As Dr. Brian O’Leary points out in the program, ‘If energy is free, then everything is free. We are then free to explore our greater selves.’ Isn’t it about time we as human beings awakened and accepted the abundance that the Universe is giving us? Free Energy is ours if we choose to have it.” - Christopher Toussaint, Producer/Director

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