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     Opening To Angels

Being Receptive to the Angelic Realm in Your Daily Life

This award-winning and best selling video blends music, art, guided meditations and insights from well-known authors to guide the viewer on a journey to discover our Guardian Angels and how to also develop a deep relationship with Nature Spirits and Archangels in service to the planet.

Featuring best-selling authors Alma Daniel, Timothy Wyllie, Karen Goldman, Jane Howard, Dorothy MacLean, and Karyn Martin-Kuri this one-hour video was produced and directed by Christopher Toussaint and is hosted by Derek Partridge.  Artists contributing lovely visionary paintings include Aeoliah, Karyn Martin-Kuri, Sharon Maia Nichols, Ann Van Eps, Cheryl Yambrach Rose, Johnathan Wiltshire and Sue Halstenberg. Ethereal music is provided by Philip Chapman, Steven Halpern, Aeoliah, Iasos, Erik Berglund and Steve Gaines.  Ken Jenkins provided video art from his award-winning Illuminations.
Learn how to attune to the higher frequencies of Spirit, to be more aware of angels and nature spirits (devas), and to commune with these loving beings in order to develop a greater appreciation of our own place in Creation.

To purchase a DVD or HiFi VHS contact Lightworks Audio & Video at 800-795-TAPE or ask your local angel bookstore/giftshop retailer.

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