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Roswell: The UFO UnCoverup

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 Winner of 3 EBE Awards from the Intl. UFO Congress in Laughlin, Nevada!

 * Best Documentary - Short Form

 * Best Music composed by Stephen Gaines

 * The People's Choice

 and Finalist - 20th Annual Telly AwardsDVD cover

The 50th Anniversary celebration of the well-documented UFO crash and government cover-up is the setting of this entertaining documentary about America's collective reaction to our planet's encounter with extraterrestrial beings. Without pandering to the fear-based "freak show" style highlighted by the tabloid media, this program turns to the serious aspects -- the evidence, personal testimonies, latest visual proofs and expert analysis on this ever- evolving worldwide phenomenon.

With new revelations from ex-military personnel, researchers, experiencers, scientists and ordinary citizens we learn firsthand of the beliefs and remarkable events shaping our reality as we approach the millennium.

Although the program briefly details the history of the flying saucer crash of 1947, it quickly moves on to where we stand today in our knowledge both of that infamous event and the more recent sightings and occurrences like the Phoenix lights and video of secret aircraft smuggled out of Area 51 in Nevada. Top researchers report on leaks from military sources and credible contactees provide insights as to what we can expect in the coming years. Ex-Pentagon Colonel Philip Corso and his best-selling "Day After Roswell" are examined as is the announcement of newly-tested metal debris fragments allegedly from the Roswell crash.

Produced and directed by award-winning documentary filmmaker Christopher Toussaint, this program records a major mile-stone in the history of UFOlogy at a time when America is still grappling with fundamental questions about the credibility of our government officials and the dangers of unaccountable military "black" operations. This documentary shows how we are handling either the greatest event in our civilization's history or the most confounding mass delusion ever to beset a culture.  With Whitley Strieber, Erich Von Daniken,  Linda Moulton Howe, Robert Dean, Stanton Friedman, Budd Hopkins, Michael Lindemann, Don Schmitt, David Adair, Tricia McCannon, Darell Sims, William McDonald and Philip Corso.

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Roswell: The UFO UnCoverup
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